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"Step Daughter Pees Herself"

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Full length movie 67 minutes playing time
Featuring Scarlett and Stefanie

Scarlett is home when Stefanie comes in the door and has to race to the bathroom.
She in there for ages and won't come out (Scarlett hears "Oh No, how could this happen. I am not a baby?)
Finally Scarlett unlocks the door from outside and enters to see Stefanie embarrassed with wet panties and a puddle on the floor. She didn't make it in time.
Scarlett brings in wet wipes and mop. She cleans up the floor leaves the bathroom while Stefanie wipes herself.
Stefanie goes to leave but the door is locked. Yells out and Scarlett says she is just going to the corner store.
Scarlett arrives back after half an hour with diapers and other supplies. She unlocks the bathroom door and enters. She insists Stefanie allow her to put a disposable diaper on her. Stefanie protests - she is an adult and grew out of diapers years ago.

Her step mother takes Stefanie into her bedroom and explains she will have to sleep with her like she did when she was very young. She dresses her in night clothes like she used to wear twenty years earlier
Stefanie objects it is way too early but Scarlett says this is the time girls her age go to bed. She insists on breast feeding her girl then places a pacifier in her mouth. They both sleep in same bed.

The following morning they both wake and Stefanie has wet her diaper just as Scarlett figured she would. She needs to have her diaper changed. Stefanie is confused. No bladder control twice in twenty four hours? WTF? Once Scarlett has wiped her clean and rubbed powder on an embarrassed step daughter she dresses her in a cute matching top and diaper cover. Stefanie continuously objects but goes along with it. What else can she do?
Stefanie asks for pancakes for breakfast but Scarlett tells her a big breast feed is what is needed now. This is so awkward, Stefanie sucking on her step mommy's large breasts.
But it gets even more weird for Stefanie. Scarlett ties her hair in piggy tales then uses a spare ribbon to blindfold her.

She takes her step daughter's hand and leads her out of the bedroom into another room
When Stefanie has her blindfolds taken off she is stunned. She is in a full sized nursery! How did this get here? How could she not know this room was in the house?
Scarlett leads her to a playpen and sits her down inside. Still blindfolded, manacles Stefanie to the playpen rails.
Scarlett takes off her blindfold and leaves nursery. Stefanie struggles but she is going nowhere. Scarlett comes back with mushy, puree food. She ties a bib on Stefanie and spoon feeds her like she used to all those years ago.

Stefanie is still restrained while her step mommy leaves the nursery to have shower, get dressed and have her own breakfast. When she returns in about an hour the first thing she does is check the diaper. She knows full well Stefanie will have emptied her bladder in it after that big breast feed.

She picks out a Dinosaur disposable from the variety of diapers she has stored and slips a change mat under Stefanie's bottom. Then again some embarrassing wiping and powdering and on with a new sposie.
She gives her girl a little kiss on the forehead and leaves Stefanie in the nursery all alone, still manacled to the playpen. Now she has her step daughter back where she wants her, Stefanie is going nowhere.

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